Press Release – March 3, 2014

Telispire Takes MVNO Services To The Next Level

A leader in Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) services, Telispire supports both post-pay and prepay wireless telecom services and now adds e-commerce services and device fulfillment to its portfolio.

  • Telispire is helping companies grow their revenue and profits by expanding their reach and exposure.  Small to medium size businesses can compete on a more even playing field by offering a virtual 24×7 online retail store with full service customer care.
  • Telispire e-commerce is flexible and customizable. Build plans with attractive retail teasers, map top selling accessories to specific devices, set up your own credit check matrix, and manage the security through fraud level thresholds.
  • Telispire helps minimize operating costs by implementing strategic web based marketing initiatives, utilizing automated processes such as: credit checks, payment and collection, and inventory management, plus expands MVNO reach up to nationwide market opportunities through e-commerce.
  • Telispire e-commerce services are turn-key and low cost. Your company can quickly be experiencing a full service e-commerce web site and tier one customer service support. Stop by the Telispire booth and visit with Nicholas Aldi, CFO & COO for details.
  • Telispire is expanding their device offering by adding new manufacturers that provide great quality at affordable pricing. Huawei is one of the new manufactures added to the device lineup in 2014.
  • Telispire has implemented a new fulfillment service. This service allows for warehousing devices, fulfillment of devices and RMA – an end-to-end fulfillment solution. This service frees up the MNVO from operations to focus on selling.
  • Schedule a meeting with Executives from Telispire at an upcoming events by visiting