The Modern MVNO

Telispire, a pioneer in the world of wireless telecommunications, has streamlined its white labeled MVNO model to provide a truly coherent system for its customers. Telispire’s modern technology innovations dramatically improve the workflow that takes place in the wireless industry. Telispire has put serious effort into its BSS/OSS back office billing system for the sake of ensuring reseller success for its white labeled wireless MVNO and MVNE services. Support is provided through a customizable module based system. This automated back office allows not only maximum flexibility for a potential user, but outstanding efficiency for any sized reseller.

Telispire’s back office system is automated. The first industrious step Telispire has taken towards efficiency is its automation of nearly all its internal systems,  Telispire has created a BSS/OSS back office billing system that competitors are guaranteed to emulate in some form or fashion in the future. To be as clear as possible, automated internal systems effectively reduce the number of personnel needed to keep it operating at the highest levels. This means less moving pieces and more accurate information, but how does it affect monetary savings?

Critics produce several valid arguments debating whether automation systems save in the financial sector. Critics state that IT and system maintenance costs balance out the need for fewer personnel. While these arguments hold weight and are ultimately worth reading, it’s important to note that automation does not cost more than the manual techniques of the past. Even if cost can be argued as an even trade, the movement time and accuracy of information increases exponentially. Telispire has combined this automated system with a module-based framework, allowing not only increased efficiency in data collection, but also in information processing.

The beauty of automation is found in the convenience and efficiency it offers. The Telispire BSS/OSS back office billing system collects and organizes data 24/7. Highly detailed metrics and histories allow both internal and external users to make rapid decisions any time and any place there is an Internet connection. The real stand out feature of the back office billing system is the module-based framework and automation that is being used to handle system customization that provides a huge benefit to users.

Module-based systems require little to no coding and still allow complete control. The benefits of Telispire’s white labeled MVNO services reach beyond convenience for the user. The flexibility within these systems sits in a realm of its own as the entire interface is module-based. For a common user, cue relief. While fantastic for customization, these modules play a much more important role in Telispire’s vision of an efficient, streamlined service. The back office billing system module model provides a complete end-to-end solution for both internal and external users. This framework excels in three (3) distinct areas:

  1. Products are offered through Telispire’s eCommerce module, a robust system that can be edited by in-house professionals on the fly. The reseller need simply submit pricing, images representing what they want to sell and any description they’d like a potential customer to see about their product. This perk is an enormous benefit for fast moving resellers attempting to reach multiple markets.
  1. Reseller marketing practices can be adjusted quickly, without the need for a   website administrator. Implementing strategies is simplified to a nearly drag and drop affair. This allows resellers to focus on their ideas instead of the technical details that encumber outdated companies.
  1. This system offers resellers a truly scalable model for future business needs. If a reseller needs to expand their business by say, product offerings, a new module can be added. The same goes for additional wireless services.

The takeaway from above is the absolute flexibility the Telispire BSS/OSS back office billing system offers. Resellers can utilize these systems down to the smallest details in order to meet their own efficiency needs as well as the needs of their customers. eCommerce within the system isn’t only focused on function. Users also have control over aesthetic aspects and can create an online environment that suits their personal taste.

For those interested in the MVNO model, Telispire’s BSS/OSS back office billing system is an elegant fusion of depth and flexibility.  Highly configurable modules allow the user to have unmatched agility when it comes to usability. Module service packages are not only fast, but make sense and are easy to use.  In addition to these module packages, Telispire continues to emphasize efficiency with its fully automated back office billing system. Provisioning, rating, billing, collecting, letter writing, and even escalation are all done independently, giving you more time to focus on your business.

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