Why Utilize an MVNO?

Why Utilize an MVNO? Utilizing a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) is the easiest way to become a wireless reseller. These businesses (in this case Telispire) are the conduits that transfer mobile service from America’s best wireless providers to the independent operator. Finding and working with an MVNO is the easy part. In fact, just about anyone can start his or her own wireless company, at least in terms of finding service to repackage and sell.

The difficulty arises when all the other pieces of operating a wireless business come into play.  Billing systems, back office support, ecommerce, logistics and marketing are all integral parts of running a successful mobile company. Piecing them together into an efficient, adaptable system can be an even greater challenge than finding them initially. That’s where Telispire stands apart. Not only is the company dedicated to providing service from top carriers nationwide, we are specifically geared towards building and supporting successful resellers. Telispire can provide premier white label solutions, customer service, billing services, and marketing support based on the type of business model an operator is interested in pursuing.

Running a wireless business presents challenges one might not see when offering a standard service. We all know billing wireless isn’t a one-time event, it’s an ongoing, fluid responsibility that differs with each and every customer, even more so when operating under a prepaid business model. Maintaining these ever changing variables in a traditional way would require a crippling level of micro management. Fortunately, Telispire understands the challenges of Telecom billing and has integrated a fully automated system into its PHOENIX web based platform.  The billing system provides independent resellers with the ability to perform full service billing and subscriber management. Telispire’s turnkey billing system is focused on three pillars; real time provisioning tied into the billing system, reporting, and bill presentment.

1. Provisioning grants the reseller a variety of functions. Resellers have the ability in the PHOENIX billing and back office system to activate and deactivate service with the click of a button. Connected with activations/deactivations, users have the ability to port phone numbers to wireless numbers from both wireless and wireline phone numbers. Resellers can access individual accounts to restore or suspend features, change plans and adjust features all within the billing platform.

2. The PHOENIX billing and back office system users have the ability to see a variety of reports that can be pulled or automated to be received as frequently as they’d like. Dependent on the type of report, daily, weekly or monthly may make the most sense. Billing invoice reports can provide answers to the challenges presented to a reseller. Resellers can see tax reports, retail reports, usage reports, and accounts receivable data reports.

3. Finally, customers of a reseller have access to their billing. Customers can see near real time data use and six months’ worth of invoices and usage. These are available as PDFs for printing purposes or viewing within their end-user portal. This also works for resellers who want to use their own billing software. Exported reports are broken into categories including call detail records, one time/recurring charges, taxes and overall summaries.

These tools give resellers all the means necessary to run an efficient, organized business from the billing side of things. Resellers can use Telispire’s system, utilize their full service reporting systems to offload data for already established billing systems, or integrate through easy to use APIs.

Telispire understands that flexibility is key when working with companies of all shapes and sizes. In addition to having established billing systems, it’s likely that resellers will have some sort of marketing strategy in place. Added, these reseller’s know their markets. In the modern environment however, extra marketing should always be welcomed. Whatever a reseller’s needs, Telispire has the expertise to kick-start your plan. A business can either begin a successful campaign tailored for their target market, or drastically enhance whatever is already in place by identifying the four P’s (product, price, place and promotion) with reseller’s. Telispire places high emphasis on helping customers market successfully, and believes it’s absolutely necessary for healthy business.

In addition to billing and marketing support, customer service must be one of the cornerstones of any wireless reseller’s business. Telispire offers three tiers of support to ensure both independent resellers and customers have the best experience possible.

  • Tier 1 support is a service that provides resellers the ability to provide full customer service to their existing customer base. Telispire works with resellers to script, define processes and handle customer service issues with a white labeled Tier 1 service. This Tier 1 service can be full time or can be for afterhours support, plus it can be utilized for outbound/inbound sales calls to drive growth.
  • Tier 2 support provides resellers with access to Telispire’s certified help desk.  Help desk employees are capable of solving all troubleshooting, provisioning, and PHOENIX billing and back office related issues via telephone. Most problems can be resolved here in a matter of minutes. If the issue is carrier related, a ticket will be sent for Tier 3 support.
  • Tier 3 support is used for carrier related issues. As Telispire works with the nation’s top service providers, any final issues outside of the Telispire realm of control will be resolved.

Telispire’s services are designed to ensure reseller success. Whether it’s the white label services designed to maximize the efficiency and ease of reseller business, the marketing support Telispire is passionate about and dedicated to delivering, or the top-notch customer service that always finds an answer, Telispire’s services exist to ensure resellers thrive.

If you would like more information about becoming an MVNO with Telispire, please visit our Become an MVNO page.