Mobile Commerce Trends 2016 and Beyond

Consumers LOVE spending time on their mobile device. The mobile eCommerce, or mCommerce, trend is exploding in 2015 and is set to make a big leap in 2016 with consumers opting to go mobile for convenience, in-store rewards, and loyalty programs among other reasons. The top 3 searches for consumers on mobile devices are Apparel, […]

Attending a Conference with Confidence: Channel Partners

Attending a conference is the single greatest way to network with the industry of your choice. Exhibitors want to network with you and gain exposure within their industry. There’s no better place for companies to accomplish those goals than a trade show. That being said, as an attendee, its can be a little overwhelming. Unprepared […]

Get the Most Out of Channel Partners Conference & Expo – Infographics

How to get the most out of Channel Partners Conference and Expo? If you are going to Channel Partners Conference and Expo on March 15-18, 2015, then you need to prepare yourself to make sure that you maximize your time and investment. Below is the the checklist tips infographics done for you on what to […]