Telispire’s growing number of marketing support services is a testament to the company’s commitment to its MVNOs.  After all, no two MVNOs enter the wireless market with identical operations, target markets or local competition.  Telispire understands this and strives to deliver comprehensive marketing support that addresses the unique needs of each individual MVNO.

Marketing Campaigns

Telispire provides its reseller members marketing campaigns that can be customized for each promotion. These campaigns are turn-key and ready for execution with several concepts for print ads, posters, radio scripts, outdoor, and direct mail. Television spots are also available. Telispire also provides retail and online materials such as banner ads, window clings, and in-store point of purchase collateral.

Marketing Consulting

Telispire provides reseller members marketing consulting that includes a free demographic report, competitive analysis, and market overview. The Telispire marketing team will assist resellers with strategic marketing and advertising plans.  Telispire also makes available targeted sales lead lists.

Value Added Services

Telispire provides reseller members additional services and revenue streams utilizing social media, mobile apps, and video content. Telispire also makes available to reseller members 3-D modeling for new retail floor plan designs.

To learn more about the marketing support that Telispire offers visit our Contact Us page.