Telispire knows that success in the wireless business depends on a strong and flexible back office that integrates new and innovative solutions. The solutions that count are those that allow the MVNO to position it in such a way that the customer receives a seamless white label experience.


Telispire is helping companies grow their revenue and profits by expanding their reach and exposure.  Small to medium size businesses can compete on a more even playing field by offering a virtual 24×7 online retail store with full service customer care.  Telispire helps minimize operating costs by implementing strategic web based marketing initiatives, utilizing automated processes such as: credit checks, payment and collection, and inventory management, plus expands MVNO reach up to nationwide market opportunities through Ecommerce.

Tier 1 Customer Service


Telispire can help you jumpstart your company’s Customer Service Strategy by implementing our Tier 1 Customer Service solution. Let our experts show you how easily we can help lower your cost while improving your First Contact Resolution and Customer Satisfaction scores.  Take advantage of the 24/7/365 coverage with domestic only speaking agents, a fully branded support (we take on the personality of your brand), real time reporting analytics plus much, much more!

Device Level Alerting

This cutting edge system was designed specifically to alert your customers by text message and email before a potential overage occurs. Alerts can be quickly established for all types of usage and custom thresholds can be setup by YOU the MVNO! Once a threshold is met, your customer will be alerted that they could incur an overage. This intricate level of automation means no more babysitting, and no more worrying. Your customers will love it – and you will too.

To learn more about the products and services that Telispire offers and to get more information about additional White Label Solutions visit our Contact Us page.